Heineken. Refreshing moments.

A refreshing take on everyday life

As part of the introduction of the Heineken refreshed new look in 2019, we’ve created a series of fresh films with an enjoyable twist.

‘Dress for the occasion’ is building a visual narrative, engaging with Heineken icons and bottle, and getting ready for refreshing moments. It pays homage to Heineken’s roots but also creates stronger connections with the customers by keeping everything simple, consistent, and relevant.

By pulling out the greens of the bottle in this film and 3D animation combination, we ensure that it always looks refreshing.

And by zooming in on the bottle we show the genuine beauty; with droplets, with ice, with transparencies, with depth and reflections and the red star as the epic moment. Close to the viewer and just like if you can grab it off the screen!

This specific film is used in OOH screens on occasions like clubs, bars, events, etc. But was also deployed for social media use with an open endframe to be filled in by local Heineken markets.