POWned. Station identity Dutch broadcaster.

The Network Generation PowNed focuses on the network generation, a generation largely composed of millennials and increasingly Gen Z: young individuals who are consistently online, show great interest in news and information, primarily seek these online, are critical of authority, and are eager to make their voices heard. The network generation seeks genuine, unpolished information that doesn’t shy away from confrontation and inherently questions authority.

PowNed is a broadcaster with a distinct style: daring, rebellious when necessary, humorous, intelligent, and uncensored. Taking positions, addressing issues, confronting, and occasionally shocking. We’ve translated this typical PowNed identity into a surge of lava-like substance that forcefully enters the living room. Unavoidable and quite striking in contrast to the often bland network communication. The close-up ASMR whisper sound at the end of the identity creates an alienating effect. Exactly what the broadcaster aims for – to disrupt things a bit…